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What we do:



We establish market access to the region, combined with active distribution management to ensure impact and success.


Entry to Asia Pacific made easy and successful.

Building your network

With a wide network of distribution partners and extensive experience in the region Pacific Bio can assist with a rapid market entry.


Pacific Bio will identify, screen and select the best local partners for any product portfolio. Pacific Bio covers life science and molecular diagnostic markets in Asia Pacific.


Ongoing professional distribution management services are available.

Active Distributor Management

Appointing a distribution partner is easy. What is hard is to work together on an ongoing basis to ensure impact. There is a direct correlation between active management of distribution partners and performance, i.e. revenue growth, market share gain, brand visibility, etc.


Are your distribution management resources spread too thin? Are time zones a challenge?


Pacific Bio actively manages your partners to success.

Network Audit

Appointing distribution partners is not overly complex, with the right connections.


Managing distribution partners to performance is the key to success. Is your network delivering the revenue and growth you are looking for?


If not, Pacific Bio can investigate reasons for unsatisfactory performance and implement the changes needed to capture the full potential of markets in Asia Pacific.

Complementing your portfolio

In a world where mergers and acquisitions are constant, it can become difficult to maintain a streamlined product portfolio.


We can source for the right portfolio to complement your portfolio or to close gaps that might have arisen.


Connecting you with the right companies made easy.

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