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Heading Pacific Bio are senior professionals with extensive and successful experience in the life science industries.


Individuals have managed sizeable businesses in industry leading companies in Pharmaceuticals, the Life Sciences and Molecular Diagnostics.

Managing Director and Founder

Michael J. Koenig

Mr. Koenig is a senior commercial leader with more than twenty years experience in the life science industry. Mr. Koenig is the Managing Director and Founder of Pacific Bio Pte Ltd. Pacific Bio Pte Ltd was recently founded in October 2013 with the objective to provide management support to companies wanting to enter the Asia Pacific markets and/or to elevate performance within their existing distribution channels.


Mr. Koenig began his life science career in 1991, and had worked since then for German and US technology leading companies in Europe and Asia. Prior to starting the company Pacific Bio Pte Ltd, Mr. Koenig held positions  as General Manager for Bayer Pharmaceutical in Malaysia, Senior Manager for Asia Pacific at Applied Biosystems and lastly, Senior Director for Asia Pacific of the Life Science business at QIAGEN.


In these positions Mr. Koenig had successfully driven sales to Biotech and Pharma customers in Europe and Asia, built organisations and networks and was instrumental in delivering continuous strong, above market growth, in all his functions.

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